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Muslim funeral images. What Should a Non-Muslim Wear to a Mosque a Funeral?

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Islamic Funeral Rites

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As we are living a multicultural and multifaith society therefore it is important that we learn about each others customs and practices. It may help those who want to pay their respects to a Muslim friend who has passed away or may want to attend the actual funeral, but do not know what to expect and what is considered appropriate. Beyond this, efforts should be made to make the last moments as comfortable for the individual as possible. Upon death, those with the deceased are encouraged to remain calm, pray for the departed, and begin preparations for burial. Grief is normal when one has lost a loved one, and it is natural and permitted to cry. One should strive to be patient and to remember that God is the One who gives life and takes it away — at a time He decides — and that it is not for us to question His wisdom. A loss of an individual is not just regarded as a loss to the family but to the whole Muslim community as well.