Mass effect high school. The Columbine Effect and Mass School Shootings | Crime Traveller

Mass effect high school. The Columbine Effect and Mass School Shootings

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Mass Effect High School MEHS Chapter 1: Royal Flush, a mass effect fanfic | FanFiction

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Being apart of a military family is hard, the constant moving, the stress of constantly making friends and knowing that you would have to leave them soon to go to another school and just the fear of being isolated from society. At first I thought it was normal to change, once I started middle school, I never knew that my life would never be the same, a couple of men showed up at the house one day when I got home from school. Both of them had this look, guilt maybe as my mom told me to sit down along with Kirito and my twin sister, Natalie, they told us that our father wasn't going to come home to us as they apologized for our loss, I sat there choking on my own sob with a lone tear on my face, Kirito blamed himself as Natalie cried in hysteria. My red hair covered not just my anger but the sorrow I tried so hard to hold back, as I got up, I just reacted bolting to my room laying on my stomach crying. My mom stayed strong as long as she could, as Kirito cursed in the quarian language calling himself weak, useless, and even stupid his voice choked as he tried to sob his face burning with anger which ended with Natalie saying that the men were lying to us mumbling curse words under her breath. During dinner, my mom walked up to me with a note the men left with my name on it. It read.