Limo crash images. 20 dead in crash of limo bound for birthday celebration - AOL News

Limo crash images. State police release cause of death 20 victims of limo crash

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20 people killed in deadliest US transportation accident since - CNN

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When the limousine was re-inspected six months later, on Sept. A lawyer for the limousine company had said earlier this week that the car had failed the safety inspection over minor faults. A spokesperson for the state DOT disputed that claim, however, saying the vehicle involved in the Oct. The crash killed driver of the limousine, all 17 passengers, and two pedestrians. The driver of the limousine, Scott Lisincchia, had previously told his wife about issues with the vehicle, Richard Burke, the family's spokesman, said. Burke said Lisincchia's wife "told me that he had complained to her regarding the condition of some of the vehicles.