Images of jupiter from earth. + Free Jupiter & Space Images - Pixabay

Images of jupiter from earth. Gorgeous Images of the Planet Jupiter

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'Starship View' of Earth and Moon Captured by NASA Jupiter Probe (Video) | Space

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Telescopes in Hawaii have obtained new images of Jupiter and its Great Red Spot, which will assist the first-ever close-up study of the Great Red Spot, planned for July These latest observations supplement others earlier this year in providing information about atmospheric dynamics at different depths at the Great Red Spot and other regions of Jupiter. The Great Red Spot is a swirling storm, centuries old and wider than the diameter of Earth. Juno will use multiple instruments to study this feature when it flies over it about 12 minutes after the spacecraft makes the closest approach to Jupiter of its current orbit at p. Juno entered orbit around Jupiter on July 4, We extend and fill in our temporal context from seeing features over a span of time.