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Evalion, a self-described year-old "free thinker," sporting a Donald Trump hat. Photo via YouTube. The recipient account, prior to being suspended by Twitter earlier this week the new account is allegedly a fake , responded: " The good ol' fashion way—hanging. It's the kind of racist vitriol you'd only expect to see in 4Chan threads or from the anonymous egg users of Twitter, but Veronica Evalion—taking her last name from the dragon dildo fetish community a popular meme used to ridicule furries on 4Chan —has an identity, and a face, attached to all of her work. For those thankfully unaware, Evalion is an year-old Canadian girl at least, that's who she claims to be who became an underground phenomenon for her catalogue of YouTube videos dedicated to hate speech and trolling social justice groups. No one actually knows her real identity, although there are tons of conspiracy theories about her, one of which says that she is a paid troll for a group called Firestarter Media , which has a history of being associated with controversial YouTubers. Evalion isn't the first to build an online presence that blurs the lines between trolling and hate speech.