Blush for chubby cheeks. Is Cream Blush for You? 23 Best Cream Blushes in for Glowy Cheeks

Blush for chubby cheeks. 8 Amazing Makeup Tricks Managing Chubby Cheeks

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8 Makeup Tricks That Slim Your Face Instantly - NewBeauty

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Ever messed up the whole look because of your blush on? Overdoing, underdoing, selecting wrong color tone or, moving the brush in a wrong direction and many other such things unconsciously spoil the makeover. While putting a blussh, there are many such questions ignored, and the result is seen in the form of and over slapped kind of cheeks or often you find the reddening effect mingling into your smile lines. So where a perfect blush should be smeared on apples? Over the Cheekbones?