What leo men like in bed. Leo Man | Leo Men Traits In Love, In Bed, Dating & Relationships

What leo men like in bed. How to Turn On a Leo Man in the Bedroom

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Seducing a Leo man

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I love this page because it describes every Leo iv ever dated perfectly. A Leo man wants to think they're best you've ever had, just make sure he also believes you're the best he's ever had its very easy they love to be complimented to an insane extent. If you treat him like a king everywhere, and you act and look classy when you're out and about, you'll have him and be able to keep him easily. When you first sleep with a leo man make sure your groomed and your bra and panties are sexy as sexy can get, tell him what he wants to hear and let him know you're loving it. Leo men are often very kinky in bed, they may want you to say and do things you would normally never consider, but if you do what they want you probably WONT regret it. If you're loving something he's doing in bed, let him know, because of the leos huge ego he doesn't want to disappoint you and have you badmouthing his moves to your friends the next day, i f hes doing good tell him and he'll do better, if he's doing better tell him and next thing you know he'll be the best If you can do these things and are very flexible with your schedule you'll have them hooked, Leos don't like to admit it but there hopeless romantics.