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Watership down putlocker. ‘Watership Down’ Review: Netflix Makes a Stunning, Scarring Story a Hare Too Ugly

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Watership Down is a British - Canadian animated fantasy children's television series , adapted from the novel of the same name by Richard Adams. It was a co-production of Alltime Entertainment of the United Kingdom and Decode Entertainment of Canada, [1] and produced by Martin Rosen , the director of the feature film adaptation. Hurt and Briers also starred in the film. Stephen Gately sang a new arrangement of Art Garfunkel 's " Bright Eyes ", which had been included in the film, while Mike Batt who wrote "Bright Eyes" and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra contributed a completely new score. Following the basic plot of the novel, Watership Down follows the lives of a group of rabbits as they leave their endangered warren in search of a safe new home. They travel across the English countryside, braving perilous danger, until they find a hill called Watership Down , where they begin a new warren.