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Trucker life hacks. 30 Life hacks truck drivers which are very helpful

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Trucker Life Hacks and Tips - Non Four Logistics

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And with it, will come all those dreaded winter driving challenges. But, luckily, some of these pesky seasonal pitfalls can be made easier with some handy-dandy tricks that you can do with items you likely already have laying around. During colder months, fogged up windshields can become an extreme nuisance as well as a completely dangerous condition while operating your rig. Sure, rolling down the winter is an obvious way to put the window out and bring in some fresh air. Alternatively, to clear fog without leaving the lint from paper towels or those free fast food napkins, consider using a chalkboard eraser to clear smudges with ease and no mess. This is great in the winter because socks are cheap, small, and can be used as makeshift helpers in a myriad of winter situations.