Most popular car in usa. List of best-selling automobiles - Wikipedia

Most popular car in usa. List of best-selling automobiles

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SUVs, trucks, cars in America right now - Santander Consumer USA

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By Insurify Insights February 21, So not only do these cars dominate the roadways of their states, they have a history with them as well. Insurify, an auto insurance quotes comparison website, analyzed its data from over 1. The vehicle type responses were then grouped by state, and models were ranked by the number of states in which they occupied the number one slot in terms of popularity. The Subaru Legacy is the only car on our list that is the sweetheart of one state and one state alone. Flaunting their individuality, Vermonters stand behind the Legacy as the car of their state. Find the best sites to compare auto insurance and kick-start your savings journey.