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Draw famous faces grid. Learn how to draw stars

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How to Draw Justin Bieber | Draw Famous Faces

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I've been focusing pretty heavily on figure drawing in the last few months and drawing faces has really fallen by the wayside. I would just really like to capture likeness better than I do now so I made a couple of attempts at this grid technique just using famous faces that I found interesting. I know that the facial hair was going to be a challenge but I love his face so I went with Willie Nelson for the first one even though I had to invert the grid for it to be visible. I was totally lazy and just drew the grid lightly right on the paper, I don't know that I would do that again because I can't not see it there. I'm faint enough with my outlines that it's hard to get a picture of it. I have learned that I definitely have a time limit for working on projects like this in one sitting because I could tangibly feel myself getting rougher with the details as time went on. I got rid of the microphone shadow on his beard and didn't do the writing on his hat.