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Bullshit jokes. What’s the Funniest Word “Bullshit”?

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Bullshit Jokes - Worst Jokes Ever

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Bullshit: A Lexicon — featuring cartoons by New Yorker cartoonist Drew Dernavich — is full of lexical history and silly jokes about common words like bunk, malarkey, and mumbo jumbo , plus rarities like stump water and flubdub. But which is the funniest word for bullshit? Some BS words have a funny sound, especially the reduplicative words like mumbo jumbo, fiddle-faddle, and ackamarackus. I find tommyrot amusing. Futurama coined a bunch of BS-related exclamations that are all pretty funny, like crapspackle, blithery-poop, twaddle-cock, and baldercrap.