Boudoir tumblr. VIXEN Photography - San Diego's Sexiest Boudoir & Pinup Photography Studio.

Boudoir tumblr. Boudoir photography by Angelo Peruzzi

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We will still be answering emails periodically, so if you want to snag one of those spots, send us an email asap so we can get the ball rolling on booking you in! Click the link in my profile for a shortcut to all the important info on my website. This blonde bombshell is featured on my blog today! So excited to be able to share images from her shoot. From the second you send us an email, to the moment you receive your finished products, you will be taken care of and guided through the entire process. The fun thing about posting anonymous boudoir photos is that she could be anyone! I turned 52 the day after the photoshoot with you and I wanted to celebrate how amazing this age really feels.