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The Transylvanian Florilegium - RSBA - Romanian Society of Botanical Artists

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Another title, celebrating the importance of plants and highlighting the need to conserve them, now joins this list. Utilizing the exceptional talents of some of the finest contemporary botanical artists the Transylvania Florilegium illuminates the richness and diversity of the plant life found in the grasslands and woodlands of this important region of Romania. Over five years further groups of artists have visited for two weeks at different times in the year and recorded a selection of the flowering plants they observed. Each artist painted up to six plants and offered them for selection as part of the final work. In the florilegium information about each plant accompanies every painting. A work of the highest quality, devoted to the plants of this region, has until now been lacking. The volumes of the Transylvania Florilegium will raise awareness of the diversity and beauty of the Transylvanian flora and inspire people to assist in its preservation.