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Beautiful snakes pics. Beautiful Snake Stock Photos and Images

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60 Top Beautiful Snakes Pictures, Photos, & Images - Getty Images

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A friend of mine keeps snakes for pets. Yes, I do mean on purpose. He is a relatively normal fellow well, at least by my standards so I kind of got used to the idea that there are some people out there that view these slinky reptiles a bit differently than I do. But one thing that cannot be denied, at least once you get past your initial repulsion, is that snakes are truly beautiful creatures. Maybe not in the way that a furry squirrel or a delicate butterfly is beautiful, but they do have a unique elegance and primal charm that no other creature can match. Let's begin with a relatively new discovery; the Emerald Green Pit Viper was first found in in the eastern mountains of the Himalayas in the nation of Burma.