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Aesthetic tarot decks. deck aesthetic: 10 pretty, pastel tarot and oracle decks

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17 Stunning Tarot Decks You Can Buy Online | StyleCaster

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My name is Keely Parks, but on much of the internet my name is Keely. I am a 20 year old West Coast digital and watercolor artist, who was born and raised in Oregon. I've been making art for as far back as I can remember, but these days I like to make art focused around girls, witchcraft, the occult, nature, and environments! I've been interested in Tarots for around years, but only in the last few years have I started reading them and growing a relationship with divination, which is where The Lovely Omens Tarot comes in! When searching for my first physical tarot deck, I struggled finding a deck that I felt visually drawn to--the aesthetic I had in my mind seemed to be totally lacking from the Tarot community.