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Kabier art.

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Possible side-effects include but are not limited to : 1. Bestiality 3. While profiting off autistic furfags is quite shameful in itself, it is not enough to warrant an ED article. What's noteworthy about Jason instead is how much butthurt he inflicts with his projects, a single tweet, and just about anything he posts. Indeed, there have been many rumors and memes made just to get back at him, but all of them rolled off him like water off a duck's back. The lulz covered here include the gospel-of-all-anti-Jasonafex-retards Jason traces image, the notorious Cuck Shack story, the Servants of the Serpent comic i. None of these show Jasonafex in a bad light and only prove—yet again—how fucking sad and pathetic furries are.