How to get inkay. How to Evolve Inkay into Malamar in Pokémon X and Y: 6 Steps

How to get inkay. Malamar (Pokémon)

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How to Evolve Inkay into Malamar in Pokémon X and Y: 6 Steps

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It evolves into Malamar starting at level 30 when leveled up while the Nintendo 3DS system is held upside-down. It has a transparent mantle with a rounded, pink body inside that has several yellow, circular lights. There are four lights on the front and two on the back. Attached to its mantle are two transparent tentacles; its remaining tentacles are part of its main body. It has round, black eyes and a pink beak-like mouth. Those who stare at the lights on Inkay's body become dazed and lose their will to battle; this allows it to escape. It can also use these light-emitting spots to send messages in the form of complex flashing rhythms and to attract prey.