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Book Review - Follow You Home by Mark Edwards | Blushing Geek

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The story centres on a young British couple, and begins during a backpacking holiday around Europe; something they plan to carry out before getting married and settling down to have children. The opening, before the story proper begins, is itself fairly complex. While travelling on a train through Romania—and after meeting another duo—Daniel and Laura the young couple settle down in an unoccupied sleeping compartment. Woken by the train guards, the pair realise they have had their passports, tickets and money stolen. In an attempt to help, the girl they met earlier, Alina, explains to the guards what has happened. Unfortunately, the situation quickly resorts to a shouting fiasco, resulting in the three of them being removed from the train—in the middle of nowhere in the bleak countryside of Romania. Alina disappears as they try to walk to the nearest town, but as Daniel and Laura search for her they come across an old house, illuminated by candlelight.