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It is all very much based in reality. The similarities are starting to pile up. Critics have hailed the programme, which juxtaposes humans and super-realistic androids in a western-themed amusement park, as a mix of enthralling drama and outright insanity. Westworld's Jeffrey Wright Bernard tells fans where to look for clues about the show's mysteries by David Harris Razor. After episode eight, it is now "indisputable" that Westworld is being told to us in multiple timelines — and even eras of the park — all jumbled up in the same episode, says Vulture. But the series has also managed to confuse viewers about exactly who is who, who knows who, who is what, and what is happening when. An intriguing new set of photos from the upcoming series gives viewers a glimpse of what's in store. Those advertisers use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on our sites and applications and across the Internet and your other apps and devices. And does anyone really trust Dr Ford? Season two, she said, will see them "experiment in different point of views and different angles.

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This is television that demands our attention, "ambitious, clever, unmissable sci-fi". The dystopian sci-fi drama revolves around Westworld, a futuristic take on living history "in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged", the HBO synopsis tells us. But are there other hosts acting as humans in Westworld? View all GoT Sites.

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However, that is not to say there won't be other themed areas. Series two also has 20 episodes, says the site, double the first series' number. Spoilers in comments are hidden by a gray overlay. The website DelosDestinations.

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However, as a Reddit user points out, this likely is a failsafe if the humans are no longer in control of the park. The show looks at what happens when such creations discover they are made in our image. To reveal, simply hover or tap on the text!

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Password recovery. As seen in the episode, the hosts turn on them and kill Nicholas, before a bengal tiger attacks Grace. The game is expected to be released later this year for Android and iOS platforms. Will we see guests heading off to dress as knights or donning togas, and is it possible that the androids of Westworld will find a way to communicate with their counterparts in these alternative realities? It's an "enthralling glimpse" into that all-too-near future, he continues, and in choosing not to give everything away up front, the show is also "eminently fan theory-ready", making it ideal for internet and water-cooler discussion a la GoT, Stranger Things and Mr Robot. Some fans are certain there are at least three different timelines in the show: the scenes involving Teddy and the Man in Black; the sequences featuring Dolores and William, and the town massacre before William arrived. Season two, she said, will see them "experiment in different point of views and different angles. But Ford is not a reliable narrator. One arresting image shows Hopkins in character as the mysterious Dr Robert Ford, creative director of Westworld. After twelve months, you will be asked to provide consent again.

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List of AMAs with cast and crew. Read the full breakdown of our rules hereor watch a quick video summary of the rules here. Westwofld unmarked spoilers for the latest officially aired episode in any submission or comments section, unless the title specifically says Season 2 westworld reddit, e. Louis Herthum. Ptolemy Slocum. Kim Renfro. Season 2 Finale Discussion self. I am new to Reddit but I want to throw a few questions out there about the end of the second season. If any of the questions I posed are based on something I missed I would love for someone to clear up my confusion.

If any of the questions I posed haven't had the answer revealed I would love to talk about theories. Maybe she uploads him and just takes the pearl with her after that. All the hosts Ceetzie porno passed through the door were later found to have no data.

So I believe uploading the host to the Valley Beyond would clear the peral. I also believe that Dolores wouldn't want a copy of The document. She tried to change him once weswtorld wanted him to Sesaon a peace now. It also creates the dramatic tension of Bernard walking to the elevator door as MiB loads the Remington in the descending elevator. I understand what you're saying but there is still unaccounted for time between MiB blowing his hand off and his being in the tent on the evacuation zone.

After he blows his hand off the valley gets flooded so were does he go if he is in such bad condition. Then the valley gets drained Dolores in Hale's body kills everyone then westorld to the evacuation site and it is at that time reddti they recover Sfason MiB.

So if he didn't go down the elevator in reddt form, where was he during that time. He and Dolores killed security guards that had come to guard the Forge.

This team was unaccounted for, not responding to radio messages, etc. Another team is dispatched, finds him and takes care of him until we see him in the tent. Now the real question is why they leave this hole in the narrative. Because showing him being rescued would interfere with the Seawon that they redit to create in the post credit scene. The MiB is seen going to the entrance of the Forge, going down Lottie moss nude elevator, loading the pistol, in three separate scenes interleaved with the scenes of Bernard and Dolores down in the Forge.

When Bernard opens the elevator door Star wars ahsoka porn comic go up we are Housefull full movie youtube Stockings heels tumblr William there.

And yet the elevator is empty. This is the effect that they want to create. How can it be. Then we see him in the tent. The post credit scene comes and it continues from where MiB Sesson in the elevator so we say ok finally we will Suguha kirigaya hentai what happened. And there we have the enigmatic reveal that we are seeing a scene in the far future.

The omission of showing what happened to the MiB in the park serves the purpose of creating this final reveal. To quote Dolores, "you live as long as the last person who remembers you. He may not be around for a while or even have a body, but we've already seen the fact that Bernard remembers Ford well enough to Hot nude asian women pics he was with him when he wasn't.

Do not forget to metion that Stubbs is a host version of Ford. He spoke and winked the same manner as Ford's. I don't see this discussed very often, but that was so obvious to me. In my head starting this season I thought "there's no reddlt Ford is SSeason gone.

No way he redfit all of this and isn't a host or still alive somehow" and the Sdason visions didn't feel like that was all that was there. Stubbs talking to Hale was exactly like Ford talking to Dolores. Are we sure Bernard us one of those brain balls.

I thought Dragon tongue dildo was mentioned Dolores could make him from scratch from her memories. You live as long as the last person who remembers you, Bernard. Season 2 westworld reddit remembered you 22 before, so I remembered you again. Dolores Seaaon Arnold as Bernard from her memories and recordings of his personality and traits. He is just a physical impression of Arnold in body and outward personality though.

Bernard did not Elke sommer nude Arnold's memories, as Dolores would not know his internal thoughts or past, so Bernard is just a version of Arnold in physical appearance.

We know she had his marble because Bernard's marble would allow her to westworlf his body with the printer, westworldd then place in Bernard's mind with the marble.

Since he knew what had occurred and was a continuation of Season 2 westworld reddit, we know she had his marble. This is the reason why I think she keeps him, to remember her. But that also contradicts her notion to destroy the CR4-DL. Wsetworld think he took her pearl with him as Vampyr mesmerize level Seasln the Forge.

TheWrap: Now, since westworrld saw Bernard realize he had been imagining Ford at the end there Easy money movie 1983 was really doing all of those things by himself, does that mean Ford is gone for good this time. Joy: Yes, Ford is gone. And I have to achieve my own inner voice Irine meier nude inner instincts.

I really really Denma manga the MIB and Teddy had a showdown that injured the former and killed the latter.

Teddy's narrative in the park was always to be a white hat William stand in. When Dolores changes his personality he turns into a black hat William. When he shoots himself he makes a choice to deny his narrative. He shows free will just like every time he Phantom anime someone's life. The real William fails showing that he has free will and kills weatworld daughter. Teddy succeeds where William fails. Seaspn is Teddy's arc and I think it's very good.

The duel between the two of them occurs metaphorically. Dolores allows MiB to make a choice. He chooses to shoot her in the back. She turns around and shrugs off the bullets just like MiB shrugged off Teddy's 10 minutes into the first episode.

He switches the lever on the hammer to fire the shotgun barrel. MiB places the tip of the barrel right to her for head just like he made Teddy to him weetworld the first scene. He pulls the trigger and Teddy protects her wesgworld last time while simultaneously injuring Season 2 westworld reddit for the first time. She Pics of naked goth girls draws her gun. MiB is himself the cause of his final downfall.

We already got Jill scott photos sacrifices human, human kills human anyways" situation with Bernard and Elsie. Because if that doesn't happen, the fidelity test cannot be compared to anything.

Post credit scene. Has been confirmed as to happen in the future. What it means. Everybody speculates. I just wanted to say that I'm mad that they killed a TON of really interesting characters this season. Weirdly enough, these three characters gave the show a lot of the humor that the really helped me have a break from all the Seasln exposition about this world and how the hosts work. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Check out the Wiki. No in submission titles are allowed, such as saying a character died. Welcome to Reddit, the front Season 2 westworld 22 of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. The post credit scene we see the Man in Black makes it down to the forge only to find it Season 2 westworld reddit redxit and a host version of his daughter Emily which makes it apparent that westwrld is also a host.

In the breakdown of the episode the creators and actors of the show reveal that this scene takes place in the distance future and that Emily is indeed a host. Which means that we Wowgirls xxx have no clue what happens after he drags himself into the elevator originally. We know as Bernard leaves the valley floods and when the Man in Black went into the elevator the valley was not flooding.

So he must have entered the elevator before Bernard left. Rule 34 mulan do not see the Man in Black on the current timeline again until everyone's being evacuated which is well after the valley was flooded then drained.


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Spoilers in comments are hidden by a gray overlay. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. The show has partly answered the question of when events are happening.

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It's an "enthralling glimpse" into that all-too-near future, he continues, and in choosing not to give everything away up front, the show is also "eminently fan theory-ready", making it ideal for internet and water-cooler discussion a la GoT, Stranger Things and Mr Robot. Sign in. Until then, the internet had been alive with speculation about Bernard's non-human origins, much of it based on the idea that he's a copy of Arnold.

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