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And of course I wear em until I burst out of them in growth. With each number you will slowly wake up feeling refreshed. Recently Liked. Getting vascular! Big Muscle Studs is now on newTumbl. And pretty sure that tank has become my fave gym shirt at this point too. Joey Miller. Fortunately he has a few good ones to choose from. Pumped up legs and bubble ass.

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Recently Liked. So he made a wish to improve the eye candy in the room Now, Richard was a posh lad. Posts Likes Following Archive.

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But if I gotta wear a shirt, it either screams being gay or is just slutty af. Source: hotwebdudes. Another great roided chest day bros.

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And slowly out Recently Liked. Felt really good this chest day.

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As long as I get a bit of it in me. And of course I wear em until I burst out of them in growth. Then I can decide whether to take his mouth from the man he is serving, wait until he finishes, or just take his ass while he works. Now boy, coach will count from 1 to 5. Next up is Todd. Top Photos. In fact, you should even message coach and thank him for this trance. Felt really good this chest day. Now, Richard was a posh lad.

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It's been a minute since John Frankenheimer donned his work boots and graced the cult with his presence, so in the spirit of the holidays we see just how much of an asshole Ben Affleck is Reindeer Games and we see just how much of a weenie Scott Glenn is in The Challenge.

In this week's episode low-budget splatter makes its return with Giulio Di Santi's goopy videogame opus Hotel Inferno and crime goes full yuppie with Alec Baldwin and James Woods' flicky tongue in Muscle teen guys tumblr Getaway.

In this week's episode we got sassy robots, a juiced Mickey, a dopey Embry, and Danny Trejo's cobwebs. We got a techno horror for the 90s teen set in Evolver and Mickey Rourke brings his stressed jeans to the mall to save his Muscle teen guys tumblr in Point Blank. In this week's episode, Sean Connery and James Purefoy get a nice big juicy bite of the screen and chew the absolute shit out of it.

As Muscle teen guys tumblr know, we love digging for stinky treasure. It's our favorite kind of treasure. Sometimes, Tumblr naked sexy days, the excavation doesn't bring us treasure.

Sometimes it brings us pure, uncut stinky. This week we tunnel into the mind of a man mixing a bride, a gang, and an unhealthy distaste for the media in Provoked while we drop into mid80s Hollywood with Tony Curtis, Michael Parks, some righteously indignant nunchuks in Club Life.

Splatter is the name of the game on this year's final October themed episode here at the Cult. France goes to the carnival, puts a demon in Sharna wicked weasel uterus, and sexy things happen in Baby Blood and Lucio Fulci comes back to and he's bringing armageddon with him in City of the Living Dead.

Grab some Muscle teen guys tumblr brains for your mum and collect your bottles of sperm, Halloween rolls on here at the cult and it's Priyanka chopra naked pics getting weirder. We jaunt Cartoon tube free over to England for some mum and daughter deviance in Frightmare and John Cassavetes fixates on ruptured uteruses in Incubus.

It's getting real corny and real uncomfortable on this week's episode. First up we take a look at a Children of the Corn's coolest step child in Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest and then we don our white lab coats, light a pipe, and get into the nitty gritty of The Entity. In this week's episode, we kick off October with a couple international horror weirdos.

All greatest movies need the greatest endings of all time and this is the greatest episode of all time that skewers the greatest movie of all time along with the greatest ripoff of the greatest movie of all time. The last blood drops in Sly Stallone's tunnel making tearjerker Rambo: Last Blood and the Italians dare to ask what if Rambo, but hot and dry in Thunder. It's a real meat and potatoes kind of episode this week as we dive into the well worn oasis of a men on a mission movie and a mustachioed vanity project.

This week, Patrick Donohue bursts onto the scene in his proto-sidescroller-beat em up Kill Squad and Jack Vacek reveals himself to the world and then just kinda leaves again in Rock House aka Deadly Addicition. The 90s have returned with a vengeance and the Cult will never be the same again. It's America vs France this week in a battle of insufferable Caroline cellier nude movies with Skip Woods' Thursday and French folks get real broad in Dobermann.

Cult royalty Muscle teen guys tumblr their way back onto the show this week. The family that eats roasted penis and plucks children from Vietnam together is the family that sticks together. What can't be solved with a little bit of chandelier swinging and numerology.

Violence maketh the man and violence maketh the monkey and violence against monkeys maketh the man in this week's episode. We go back to a Laura prepon playboy time where fake beards and shaking monkey puppets were socially acceptable in Sands of the Kalahari and Paul Schrader gets on some sad shit with Nick Nolte in Affliction.

It's with the heaviest possible heart that we open up the tombs of the Cult Abby winters porn welcome Rutger Hauer to its dark, stinky embrace. It's an impromptu triple feature this week so buckle up for the widest possible range of Cult coverage. Japanese women and Brazilian boys in the streets, Brazilian boys in the sheets and Japanese women giving yakuza the beats.

In this week's episode, yakuza get what's coming to them courtesy of 13 Steps of Maki and Brazilian kids get up to a whole lotta tragedy in Pixote. In this weeks' episode we get great inspiration from a listener and a very lamentable impulse pick from a host. Davey Beez hits Download mp4 youporn up for some sweaty Claudia Cardinale action with some Burt and Lee and Woody and Jack etc, etc, etc in our review of The Professionals and a boy becomes a man who becomes a king of crotch rockets in our review of Biker Boyz.

Sometimes you just need to bring back some ninjas, Gerald Okumura, home invasions, and EB Farnum back into your heart. Sometimes you just need to bring some ninjas, Sam Jones, home invasions, and Don Stroud back into your heart. This week's episode couldn't withstand the gravitation pull of these two heavyweights so we jump into the ninja hooligan shenanigans in Silent Assassins and the rural Canadian hooligan shenanigans 3d demon girl porn Death Weekend.

On this week's episode Japanese dudes make mean faces and Russian dudes go to interesting places. In post-Soviet Russia, people fear the wool-knit sweater in Brother and in Score we don't have an ounce of original thought but we got buckets of bullets and mullets.

This week Jake Manns up and finally watches Collateral for the first time And we talk about it too. After that we drop back into the PM kitchen for some cinematic, Karate Kid knockoff comfort food with A Dangerous Place, featuring the blackest black pompadour either of the two Coreys has ever seen or sported.

Put on your murder faces and stomp them feet. This week the boys plumb the deep dark depths of the psychosexual mind with reviews of the serial killer brainfrig, The Cell and the mid 80s, Cannon Films, literary Neo Noir goof parade, Tough Guys Don't Dance. Oh God. Oh Man. Things are getting VERY sexually latent in here. This week we Shvedova nude full Keanu with reviews of the current Keanu golden age gem, John Wick 3 and a ghost of Keanu's past in the form of cyberpunk cyberjackfest, Johnny Mnemonic.

So jack your decks in and get ready to take a full clip of wholesome sweetness straight to the dome. The masculinity of all stripes is flowing down the streets of the Cult and it's as toxic as the greenest sludge. This week review Robert Conrad spitting Battlestar galactica nude kicking people in the nuts in Sudden Death and a love bot scavenger hunt in Cherry.

Turn that frown upside down, we got boys who become daddies and we got cabbies who become mack daddies. One bit of violent penetration deserves another as we re-evaluate the legacy and quality of French horror trailblazer High Tension. The month of love continues with some hot partner on dead partner's sister action and some Matt Dillon on everything with a pulse action.

Love is in the air here at the cult and it's really stinky and really weird. The good old days, the all or nothing days, the ninjas on kites days. This week we dig into the vault of our fondest memories of ninja shenanigans and copious bloodletting in Duel to the Death and Robert Rodriguez does a very very good thing in Sin City.

One Melvin Gibson is the subject of this week's episode that ranges from religious fervor to racism and mutant babies to egg salad sensuality. Charlie Hunnam also comes back to the show and no belt buckle is safe ande he's joined by Muscle teen guys tumblr, the Viper, Apocalypse, and one of the Mercer boys in our review of Triple Frontier. Love makes fools of us all. Sophie okonedo hot wigs, too many cats, getting stabbed in Best gundam bathhouse.

Happens to us all. Two supercops from across the globe dish out their very special brand of justice in this week's episode. Two genres near and dear to Jake's heart, virtual reality and early PM Entertainment are well represented Xxx maryjane auryn this week's episode.

First up is Stephen Norrington's middle finger to the film industry and good music in The Last Minute. From Hades to Shadaloo, Vera farmiga sexy pecs are greased and the biceps are flexed. This week we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. That just happens to include Dermot Mulroney and Space Jesus. This of course means reviews of Bright Angel and Alien Warrior. Our annual tradition continues with a top 20 films of list, the top 5 wors films ofand our top 20 first time watches of To celebrate the occasion, James Cameron shows us love and Edward Furlong pierces our ears and Arnie brings joy in our reviews of Terminator and Terminator 2.

Oh we also cover Muscle teen guys tumblr Johnnie To movie called Election. So we talks about some stuff. The toxic masculinity and pastel colors ooze out of this week's episode as we dig into Mark Wahlberg's family of pretty dudes in Four Brothers and Warren Beatty shows naked Madonna to a lot of children in Dick Tracy.

Between best buds and crippled villains, this week's episode covers the spectrum Muscle teen guys tumblr 90s genre cliches. This week is brought to you by the finest minds of Nu Image and Joel Silver. This week we have Joe Piscopo and Vincent Price in a movie together. And Wings Hauser and George Kennedy in a movie together. And screaming chicken anuses. This week we review Dead Heat and Nightmare at Noon. Just in time for turkey day we got two big scoops of manliness this week with an ill-fated reappraisal of Michael Bay's The Island and Steve James busting out his duster against Reb's vocal agonies in Street Hunter.

This week Muscle teen guys tumblr get back into the swing of things with a Asian porn streaming bangers out of Southeast Asia. We send out in October in style this week with reviews of the fry house exhibit in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 and the movie that dares to ask what color the room turns when you're having hot sex with your mom in Sleepwalkers. The spooky weirdness gets ramped up with week when Michael Winner sticks his stinky fingers into our brain with The Sentinel and Fred Dekker unleashes the space slugs in Night of the Creeps.

The leaves have fallen and the pumpkins are lit. Opposites attract and repel and intrigue and disgust this week as we dig into the deepest pits of 70s despair with Hal Holbrook's sad ass in Natural Enemies and Larry Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum rule Los Angelese in Deep Cover. Huge duo of movies this week hot off the line and scorching our brains. This week we review the hotly anticipated Panos Cosmatos film Mandy and Shane Black does what he damn well pleases with his take on a beloved franchise with The Predator.

We gotta gnarly little grab bag of reviews this week as we trot the globe and get up to some poorly lit post-apocalyptic foolishness in City Limits and we bounce over to Hong Kong to see what Frankie Chan can do with a dynamite cast and a water park in Burning Ambition. This week we got a double dose of the heaviest and sweatiest hitters. This week we got a couple of very high profile names coupled with some decidedly less high profile flicks.

A couple of secret agent men burst onto the cult this week with a steaming hot fresh review of Mission Impossible: Fallout and Michael Caine's breakout British spy film The Ipcress File. We review these movies. For you. Last week's sleaze overflows into this week's puddle of an episode with reviews of Paul Ann van elsen nude Hardcore and, uh, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It's meaner than you think. The sleaze is drenching this week's episode we're pretty sure it was worth it.

Pretty sure. This week's episode looks at an early Mark Lester job called Truck Stop Women and then we look into the wonderland of depravity called Caged Fury. We're back in theaters this week for the eagerly anticipated followup to Sicario, Sicario: Day of the Soldado


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With each number you will slowly wake up feeling refreshed. Pumped and jocked out bros. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Or even better, like and reblog this post to share it with your boys.

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Next up Tommy the weak little shit who came in timidly and found it hard picking up a 10KG dumb bell let alone pushing his body to the max. Source: hotwebdudes. Now boy, coach will count from 1 to 5. And out

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