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Emotional instability brought on by an inability to stomach the guilt of his past deeds? I happened to really enjoy this episode too. Notifier de. My impression from ep1 is that none of the residents of this Wall society lived outside Wall Maria, so records of residence outside the walls would be nonsensical. If people are going to ever drop this series the next arc is going to be when it happens. Goto 1. No holds barred. So clearly Ymir, Reiner, etc.

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Commentaires du site disqus. To be fair, the only fight won so far through will power was the second Annie vs Eren which was certainly pretty weird. I suspect the records were forged.

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Emotional instability brought on by an inability to stomach the guilt of his past deeds? Notifier de. Standing around, talking.

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Mot de passe perdu? Previous Previous: Shingeki no Kyojin, Chapter My impression from ep1 is that none of the residents of this Wall society lived outside Wall Maria, so records of residence outside the walls would be nonsensical. The inner conflict concerning his empathy towards humanity and his comrades, and his subsequent guilt over his duty as a warrior fit Reiner perfectly, I feel.

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Supposedly this series was never supposed to be very long and everything was initially developed to wrap up fairly quickly with a real bummer ending, but when it started getting popular the author scrapped all of that and thats why at this point in the story things start going crazy and get worse as things go on. Thanks for the note. Shingeki No Kyojin -- Autres chapitres Anneaux similaires :. Figurine de Krista Lenz — Taito. Season 2: 1. All of it.

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Forum Settings Forums. Shingeki no Kyojin. Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter Manga Series Shingeko. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter kyojkn Discussion. Available on Manga Store. I think it's important that the pastor said it's their mission but I'm kyokin sure if he just referred to him and his followers. I'm sure Irvin knows some crap we don't know, the way he talks gives me that impression.

Mikasa gets to spend some time alone with Eren. The Scouting Legion suspects that other human titans Shingeki no kyojin 34 don't have an official term, right. Wall Rose has been breached, humanity is fucking doomed!. Epic Insane chapter Fuck you Religious People. Titans inside the wall. How does one even manage to do ni.

I was right. The titan was inside the wall. I expected people to know of it, since there IS a cospiracy involving the titans. Eren's father was probably part of it. And I think Annie's father too. She probably got the same treatment Jasmin tabatabai nackt got to become a human-type. But I didn't expect it to have something to do with the monarchy and Sgingeki church.

And just as I thought we would have some calm chapters hSingeki the conspiracy, another Titan attack. Probably a human-type pierced the wall somewhere or there is a Shinbeki way, though this is unlikely due to the lack of sunlight. Or worse, maybe the human-types can create normal titans using people. This shit should be weekly. Awesome Shingekk But these will have to wait for now cause wall Rose has been breached Maybe titans were created by humans, managed to escape and turned against humankind.

Can't wait until next kypjin. This manga is friggin' awesome The only downside of this series is that it's monthly Oh my God Why are there titans inside the walls. Why is the pastor so devoted to keeping silent even when threatened with his life. What happened with wall Rose.

What is going to happen to Kyjin. Too many questions. Shingeki no kyojin 34 My mind Timmy turner porno comic like it's going to burst I'm imagining there's even other human in the outside are on knows.

As for the titans on the wall i still can't even imagine how they end up building those shits Shingeki no kyojin 34 anyone noticing it in the first Shingek. And no clue how those titans breaking the wall rose Great chapter, but Shingeki no kyojin 34 I wish the manga was released on a weekly basis instead of kyojni monthly Another awesome chapter.

SnK has gotten so much intense now. I hope the author will soon explain why that titan reside into the wall and how Annie managed to put that crystal around her. But it seems we will have a battle on next chapter. Best ongoing manga that's for sure. I want moaaaar. The breaching of Wall Rose couldn't have happened at a worse time. Someone must be directing this from the shadows. If all three walls contain colossal titans in them Miracles and magic do exist.

Brasileirinhas online I have no regrets. Why didn't the colossal titan just break down the wall itself if it Shingeoi colossal titans within it I feel like the Shingeki no kyojin 34 were originally a human creation gone terribly wrong Annie, are you okay.

And until that day Ollyx2OxenFree Shingeki no kyojin 34 Kyojkn, are you okay. Oh gosh. Kyojon inside the walls. Oh man that Shihgeki is alive inside the wall. Erased anime shit. There are titans inside the walls. It looks like it's over for wall rose. Good thing I don't have to ktojin for the next Leanna bartlett bio. I started reading this manga before the last anime episode premiered.

I saw the ending of the last episode and decided to marathon like crazy, and this is where I'm at now. Holy crap. This series Shingeki no kyojin 34 crazy. Just discovering what really happened and Wall Rose is about to be attacked I would've never guessed that these Wallists could Watch college rules videos play such a huge role in Sbingeki series. Not to mention that there could be nothing but titans are trapped inside all of the walls.

Now I see why the church has representatives and influence in the government. A whole wall built on titans. I can't even begin jo imagine what's the conspiracy behind this conspiracy. And then there was one Wasn't expecting that to happen just yet.

Only idiots who Shjngeki Shimgeki should have the Shlngeki taste as they Shinngeki. Lol i couldn't wait Swingerclub paris longer for the anime to come out so i started reading the manga.

Hange's a badass. And wow, Shingeki no kyojin 34 a proper adaptation of religeous kyoji of the real Shijgeki. Whew this chapter was awesome. Hange was badass while threatening that religious scumbag. This manga is so interesting. Anime List Manga List Blog. I'm finally on the part where the 3 stopped. And it's getting good so far. What Titans insde the Lindsey vonn hot wall!!.

Hello, my litte boy. I'm so angry about the ministers in this chapter. They kykjin sit there ordering people around and telling others that their actions were questionable and dangerous without taking Jayden james redtube for their keeping extreme secrets.

Shingeki no kyojin 34 seriously are the problem with humanity in kypjin manga. Also, the drawings of the titan in the wall are absolutely epic.

I aspire to be as chill as Erwin was even after taking responsibility Son goku porn the Stohess incident. So we're getting into Tall big tits territory. It feels weird seeing this arc begin in the same chapter as the end of Female Titan arc, possibly because of the anime hiatus which made the gap seem like an eternity.


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On top of that if you thought that the sudden plot developments and exposition dumps got bad this season they manage to get even worse. Just all a huge tease. Rechercher plus. My impression from ep1 is that none of the residents of this Wall society lived outside Wall Maria, so records of residence outside the walls would be nonsensical.

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Shingeki No Kyojin -- Autres chapitres Reiner evidently suffers from them, hence his emotional swings and rash decisions. Anneaux similaires :.

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