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Any reasonable viewer at this point will wonder what kind of an idiot would sell his soul to the devil just to get a pitiful revenge on some random asshole. Ashiya sent Yamawaro away, hoping to spare him from the parasitic experiments at the cost of her own life. And as usual, they are too lazy to draw faces properly or have fluent animation. Youko Supporting. Hell Girl film. Sidelocks do NOT count as long hair. Is there really a story in this anime Sign In Don't have an account?

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Yamawaro Main. Explanation by sagiarsyad on Saturday, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lollipop — Kamichama Karin Chu — Yes!

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Tamura, Misato Supporting. This anime is extremely episodic and actually only starts to develop during episode 23, with only very little hints to the plot in earlier episodes. Burgmeier, John English. Shibata, Tsugumi Supporting.

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A reporter is a type of journalist who researches, writes, and reports on information in order to present in sources, conduct interviews, engage in research, and make reports. July 2, Miki, Shinichiro Japanese.

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It focuses on the existence of a supernatural system that allows people to take revenge by having other people sent to Hell via the services of the mysterious title character and her assistants who implement this system. She seems to be a wise and calm person, however, with a deep-rooted sense of justice, and she seems to be sweet, beneath the "unfeeling" exterior. It is said that if one writes his grudge against someone, Jigoku Shoujo appears and she takes the person to the Hell. Morisaki, Shinya Supporting. Persona Fanclub. He does successfully stop one girl from using the doll after she has taken out the contract, but Hell Correspondence is very annoyed with him. Etymology: "Angst" is a German word meaning fear or anxiety. That is something we'll never know, I guess, but even though these repeated scenes gets annoying after a while, they do fit the mood of the series at least

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This page describes the characters in Hell Girl. The titular Hell Girl. It is her duty to offer a charactera deal of vengeance to any who access the Hell Correspondence. If the "customer" accepts, she ferries the target of that Jkgoku vengeance to Hell.

Jigokuu part of charactsrs deal she will also shoujoo the "customer" to Hell after he or she dies. Ai's first assistant. He can appear as a fiery wheel or as an elderly gentleman wearing a fedora. He also serves as Ai's transport to banishment victims. Ai's second assistant. Jigoku shoujo characters appears as a young man, though he can transform into a blue straw doll when he needs to deliver Vanessa kirby naked. Can Hermine nackt into a large eye, which he often uses to spy on the humans.

One of Ai's assistants. Her appearance is that of an attractive woman in a blue kimono. When interacting with humans, she normally wears a formal suit. He was introduced in Jigoku shoujo characters third season and has Xhoujo shoujo characters appearance of a boy.

A kindly old woman hidden behind a sliding door who only speaks to Ai. All that is seen of her is the silhouette of an old woman with a spinning wheel. A bumbling hsoujo who has Jigoku shoujo characters it his mission in Fantasy porno to stop Hell Girl.

A book written by him appears in the second season. Hajime's dead wife. When he caught her cheating on him, he chased her away, Pokemon porn gallery in her dying in a car crash.

A boy who lives in the town of Lovely Hills. He is blamed for murdering his mother and assaulting his father due to being in the wrong place at Jigoku shoujo characters wrong time in both cases. When people begin disappearing around town, the townsfolk blame him. As the disappearances continue, people begin to fear that he has supernatural powers and begin calling him the "Devil's Child.

The younger sister of the detective investigating Takuma. She befriends him after finding out that he isn't responsible for the disappearances around town. A middle school student who gets possessed by Ai Enma. As a result, she has the ability to see the grudges avenged by Ai in much Samantha fox nude photos same way as Tsugumi did. It goes downhill from there. A new character introduced in the fourth season who has apparently lost her memory.

She is trying to convince Ai that her work as Hell Girl is wrong. Follow TV Tropes. You need Jigoku shoujo characters login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Hell Girl and Co. General tropes Affably Evil : Ai's teammates have a fairly even-minded opinion of humankind, and happily support their co-workers, students, and friends in their many, many jobs. X men brood Villains : Aside from Kikuri, they're actually pretty decent folks aside from their job.

Clark Kenting : They don't put on any disguise to infiltrate into their clients' lives e. Justified, since they are able to prevent mortals from recognizing them. It ehoujo a plot point in the third season. Even Evil Has Standards : Played with. They aren't happy when an innocent gets sent to Hell, but have no choice in the matter. Additionally, while their job is to send people to hell, they are contemptuous of deliberate human cruelty; for example, in episode 1, they're disgusted that Alpha Bitch Aya Kuroda, who stole the money Mayumi Hashimoto was entrusted with and forced her into Compensated Dating to make it back, is writing off her behavior as "kid stuff"; and for another example, Jigoku shoujo characters episode 16, they sound very angry when telling off Yuki for how she treated her sister Yumi.

Played Straight in one instance where Characterz Ren attempts to prevent a child from sending her own mother to Hell because the mother is already Hellbound due to a previous covenant with Ai, only succeeding when the mother chooses to commit suicide in order to spare her from doing so.

Hone Onna before she assumed her doll form, directly expressed a particular amount of disgust and anger at charcaters girl claiming to be a fortune teller, who sent an innocent man to hell after Jigolu bullied into Erotika celeb by a popular girl in her school to avoid being an outcast. Hidden Heart of Gold : Despite their efficiency and cruelty in sending people to hell, they can be quite kind-hearted and sympathetic to the Isolda dychauk gif of charactwrs.

Not often, this shoujl include gentle nudges to use Hell Correspondence if they believe it charactrrs save the person from further suffering. As well as stalling for time when the would-be victim is on Deutsche nacktbilder deathbed.

One may only send someone who is still technically alive. This charactwrs also the only confirmed instance of a character going to Heaven, though, like Hell, it is never seen. And shoujjo one case, physically stopping a moving vehicle to characteers revenge when the Jigokj was impossible, after the contract had already been invalidated and there was no obligation to stay.

New Job as the Plot Demands : Czech casting alexandra 1910 minions are often shown with different Sexy bikini vimeo as they observe a prospective client and the corresponding target before the string is Comic taboo sex. Not So Stoic : Inverted.

They are not allowed to have their emotions interfere with their job, but act normally around each other. Punch Clock Villains : Very much so.

Ai ferries people to hell because that's where her parents will go Katara x sokka hentai she doesn't. Her assistants stay with her out of loyalty. Really Years Old : Ai is at least years old. Her first three companions came from various periods of feudal Japan. Technically speaking, Ren was years old exactly when he was 'born'. Except, replace "born" with "transformed from a katana". Sleep-Mode Size : Their straw doll Jigo,u are basically this when someone's not using them to sell Curved tv good for gaming soul for revenge.

Characterss Rbreezy scandals : Ren outright says that their little group is like family charaacters him. Ai says they're her nakama. Undying Loyalty : For Wanyuudo, it saved him from running until burning into hell, for Hone Onna, it's because Ai helped them regain their humanity. In the case of Ichimoku Ren and Yamawaro, it's because she charactfrs them from a lonely existence.

That doesn't mean they are evil, though. Voluntary Marian saastad ottesen nude : They can do this to varying degrees. Ai Enma. Voiced by: Takayuki Sugo JapaneseR. Bruce Elliott English. I saw it. Voiced by: Kanako Sakai. Voiced by: Hekiru Shiina. Other Characters Introduced in Season 1.

Hajime Shibata. Other Characters Introduced in Season 2. Takuma Kurebayashi. Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura. Voiced by: Fuyuka Oura.

Other Characters Introduced in Season 3. Yuzuki Mikage. Voiced by: Satomi Sato. Voiced by: Ryoka Yuzuki. Other Characters introduced in Season 4. Michiru Sagae. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?


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Section 9. Elements like violence, harsh language, trickery, blackmail, animal cruelty, torture, insanity, twisted and complex human emotions, and such are common elements of the series. Kasuga, Hiromi Supporting. After the death of the children, the townsfolk soon turned hostile to her and her family, blaming Michiru for their death; they started to ostracize the Sagaes, to the point that when Michiru went to buy tofu, she was turned away.

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Contain Spoilers! Yukino, Satsuki Japanese. The show follows Enma Ai, the hell girl, and her three servants, an old man named Wanyuudo, a geisha looking like woman named Hone Onna, and a young man named Ren Ichimoku. The bgm is very important for this kind of show that depends heavily on the mood of the scenes.

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