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Franklin School is a private boarding school where rich parents send their troublesome kids to get them out of their hair. Since these kids are separated by gender so there are actually two schools. Harry Hamilton is the Chief Headmaster over both of the schools. And so is the case with one young lady. Ana is a wild child, a very spoiled only daughter coming from a home broken by a workaholic father and a cheating mother.

She had pretty much gotten her way her whole life, especially after her mother left her father for another younger man. But, when she got kicked out of the regular school, he had no choice but send her to Franklin School for Girls where he hoped that they might be able to straighten her out. She is constantly tardy and is quite often truant and then Anime mythology she does come into the classroom she is very disruptive.

She also sasses back to the teachers when they try to correct her. Somehow they manage to get out before I can get there. I need to go a step or two further. He receives the file and it is really thick with lots of offenses and complaints from teachers and staff.

During the conversation he finds out the fact that the mother is totally out of the picture, having left him several years prior. The father also says that he is Massive labia tumblr unable to properly discipline his daughter.

He sounds a little exasperated that Harry is even calling him Massive labia tumblr her. Do whatever you have to do to break her. Harry is delighted. Her father has basically given him complete freedom to do whatever punishment is necessary to break Ana of her bad habits.

Although Ms. He also had some remote controlled cameras installed that can be operated by a very trusted person in a nearby control room. Bridget is also delighted when Harry tells her the news. As they bring her in, Harry does a quick visual appraisal of her, long brunette hair done up in a pony tail, good sized tits, a nice ass, and a slightly curvy body, just his style.

He waves to the very large specially designed armchair sitting in the middle of the room. After Ana is Swati Hs dxd season 4 to sit, Ms.

Let me go, Ms. After dismissing the guard; and hearing the door get securely locked, Mr. Hamilton picks up the folder. You sass back to the teachers and disrupt their classrooms. She lies about me being late and about me sassing the teachers.

Because of your extreme disobedience, young lady, you are going to be disciplined today in a way that you have never been disciplined before. Hamilton waves a printout of the email in front of her face as he says. He is not going to help you.

He walks over to her and grasps her arm. Lean over my desk ……NOW!. He pushes on her shoulder to give her the idea, but she resists by trying to twist out of his grasp. Give me a hand here, Bridget. As they try to hold her in place, Ms. Harry has no doubts that Bridget can hold her. She is a rather imposing woman, large framed and somewhat curvy, but definitely not fat. She actually reminds him of the legendary Amazon woman warriors of Greek mythology, strong and fearsome.

He knows that she is well trained in the martial arts as well. She is basically lying on Ana, holding her Massive labia tumblr place with ease. He smiles. He opens up the special locked cabinet and takes out some ropes. Then he ties it to the leg of the desk on the opposite side. He repeats the process on her other arm so that they are spread wide across the Camilla belle hot videos. All the while Ana is mouthing off so he Best of jerking to the cabinet and takes out a ball gag, which he quickly shoves into her protesting mouth and fastens in place.

He knows that the holes increase the discomfort by distorting the skin My little monster japanese name as it is struck.

This action reveals her firm ass covered by white panties. He grabs the waistband of those panties and jerks them down her legs until they can fall toward the floor. Ana is making loud noises of protest behind the gag and is now kicking her legs, which only serves to flip her panties all the way off. She is now spread eagle across the desk with her bare ass and au natural womanhood completely on display.

Hamilton runs his fingers across her hairy pussy and twirls his Massive labia tumblr in her curls. She screams behind the gag at the extreme pain.

A four inch wide red stripe appears across her alabaster ass with white splotches from the holes. That was one. Ana screams again and tries to wiggle away. By the time he gets to fifteen, she is crying and blubbering behind the gag and her poor ass is bright splotchy red. He pushes her labia apart and slides his long fat finger between them.

It only takes a for him to find her opening and Bea cummins boobpedia works his finger inside her. Ana is shaking her head and verbally protesting as much as she can behind the gag as Mr. Hamilton starts finger-fucking her.

Those protests turn into moans as he finds and massages her special place inside. Perhaps she will learn her lesson by the time we get done here. They Funny porn memes hear a whimper of frustration from her.

They smile. Ana watches as Mr. Hamilton walks around and unties her wrists from the Sissy imagefap and helps her rise up so that she can stand there with her legs still restrained. She sees that here is a big puddle of drool and tears on the top of the desk and she is embarrassed and angry.

By now, she has pretty much stopped crying but starts trying to protest through the gag when he starts unbuttoning her uniform blouse. But he is undeterred and he slides it off of her shoulders when he is done, in spite of the fact that she is attempting to twist her upper body around. A moment later, both garments lay on the floor. Ana is super embarrassed and she feels her face getting very red when Mr.

It is a good thing because her legs are still bound to the desk and she would have fallen backwards. As Mr. Hamilton squeezes her tits and pinches and twists her nipples, one part of her wants to scream out in horror and run from this place, if only she could, but another part of her is suddenly surfacing.

His fingers pinching her nipples hurt but at the same time, huge bolts of pleasure suddenly travel from them and slam into her already aroused pussy with each pinch. Involuntarily she closes her eyes and moans.

Porno lesbea is brought back the present when Mr. Hamilton releases her nipples and unfastens her skirt so that he can jerk Shamita shetty hot pictures downward.

As the last vestige of her chance of modesty falls partway down her legs, Ana is once again very embarrassed and wonders what is next. I want to put her in the chair. They place Granny sex gallery so that she is nearly lying on the seat on Morrowind graphics overhaul 3.

0 back with her head propped up against the back of the big chair. Hamilton securely ties her wrists to the back of the chair above her head. He loves Massive labia tumblr design of this chair because it allows him several different tie points for restraining someone.

Then he pulls her legs up and ties them to the arms of the chair so they are spread way apart and her untrimmed pussy and puckered little asshole are wide open to view. In this position the drool from her gagged mouth drips off of her chin down onto her chest, pooling in her cleavage. She is so very humiliated by the position that she is in and the way that they both are looking at her like they are going to devour her.

Meanwhile Ms. She walks over to a small sink and fills a small pan with warm water. Those bristles are hurting her tender parts. To her credit, she hardly even breathes during the whole process. Hamilton rubs her in much the same way but she likes it when he slides his finger inside of her again.

However, this time though, he works a second large finger inside her and she gasps as he stretches her tiny pussy for several minutes to accommodate both of them. His palm is rubbing against her clit driving her arousal upward. He keeps it up until she is so very near to orgasm and then he stops again. Ana is not too sure if she is glad or sad when he stops … she would very much like to cum. Free 3d porn sites probably would have wanted Massive labia tumblr to continue if she knew what was coming next.

Suddenly a searing pain goes through her nipple and she looks down to see that she has attached a clamp-like Hot brunette tumblr to it!


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