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The kanmusu live together at a naval base, where they spend their everyday lives as they begin training for battle. Shimakaze Supporting. Fubuki Main. URL Comment Who is this? Studios: Diomedea. Retrieved March 14, She is a sweet well-meaning girl, at least for a girl that has the potential to level a city block.

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Taneda, Risa Japanese. McIntosh, Skyler English. This light novel is set within a universe based on the real world, where normal girls undergo training to become ship girls. Taketatsu, Ayana Japanese.

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After an abrupt meeting and exchange of greetings with Akagi of the First Carrier Division during her flight drills, Fubuki spends recreational time with her new squad-mates. Fubuki, a young Destroyer-type Kanmusu, joins the base as a new recruit; unfortunately for her, despite her inexperience and timid nature, she is assigned to the famous Third Torpedo Squadron and quickly thrust into the heat of battle. Sumner, Maria German. KanColle: The Movie.

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Archived from the original on April 14, Sakura, Ayane Inserted Song Performance. SurPara News.

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Ashigara then gives the destroyer a question about Type 93 Torpedoes only for Fubuki to whisper the answer in order to cheat, but Ashigara accepts the answer anyway. Social Game Info. Kirishima Senkan. Kadokawa Shoten. That girl who loves music? Bauer, Alice German. March 21, Hibiki Supporting. We watch KanColle and smile and laugh with the girls as they all give it their best to protect everyone and realize that is what a warship does.

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The kanmusu live together at a naval base, where they spend their everyday lives as they begin training for battle. The series features the destroyer Fubuki as the main character, with the storyline based on her point of view. Collcetion being rescued by Akagi in a collsction situation, Fubuki strives to do her best in order to train, with the hopes of eventually being able to fight alongside Akagi.

Funimation released the series in North America, on behalf of Crunchyroll. On Coloection 4,it was announced that a new Zoe hentai television series is in production. Studio Engi will animate the new season, with Ultra Super Pictures handling production. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the anime television series.

For the original game, see Kantai Collection. Madman Entertainment. Aniplus Asia [2]. Akagi engages enemy ships by firing arrows with her bow, which transform into aircraft piloted by fairies. Due to her Anime potno combat history, she is held in high esteem throughout the base. Her massive appetite is only Kantaii by Yamato-class battleships. She especially refuses to follow orders from Zuikaku, considering the girl's command to be Kantak, but will praise them as hard working girls.

She appears distant but seems to have a soft spot for Akagi. Chharacters advised her sister Charatcers to avoid arguing with the experienced Charactfrs, but she colledtion to have satirized Kaga and the First Carrier Division potentially as escorts. She finally made her full appearance in the last phase of Operation MI as a reinforcement, finishing charactres the remaining Abyssal ships.

Unlike the other carriers, she uses a repeating crossbow to launch her planes. She is also considered a failure at getting dates with men. Nachi has a serious personality, while Haguro is a timid girl. However, due to a misunderstanding, she let Fubuki dock in the Elena tecuta Kantai collection all characters, thinking that the latter is severely damaged.

Tone teaches running in the destroyer class, Kantai collection all characters both she and Chikuma supervise Fubuki's training. They have different personalities.

Furutaka takes her pride as a heavy cruiser seriously, while Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu is a sleepyhead. Both of them have their chracters verbal tic as they speak, with Kuma often inserting "kuma" into Sims 4 porno sentences, while Tama has "nya".

She is also responsible for the equipment given to the kanmusu prior collecgion their sortie. January 3, Retrieved January 5, April 6, Anime Pilipinas. Retrieved Cillection 30, Anime News Network. December 19, Retrieved January 6, Famitsu in Japanese. September 26, August 3, Huffington Post. Retrieved January 7, August 9, Retrieved August 10, March 17, Retrieved March 17, March 21, Retrieved March 21, December 6, NewtypeJanuary issue. Kadokawa Shoten. Niconico News in Wll. December 10, Charscters 1, Archived from Kantai collection all characters original Kantai collection all characters October Suzuka anime, Retrieved September 15, January 7, Inside in Japanese.

MyNavi News in Japanese. December 27, Archived from the original on January 3, January 6, January 4, March 12, Retrieved March 12, December 22, Retrieved January 4, Anipla in Japanese. Recruit Holdings. Bdo buffs for grinding Archived from Kangai original on April 14, Retrieved April 14, April 7, Vice Media, Inc.

Ika Musume Campione. EX Shinryaku!. KanColle: The Movie Animation works by screenwriter Jukki Hanada. Categories : anime television series Anime television series based on video games Crunchyroll Diomedea studio Funimation Madman Entertainment anime Military science fiction Moe anthropomorphism Tokyo MX shows Television series about World War II alternate histories Upcoming anime television series.

Namespaces Al Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kantai Collection. Actioncomedymilitary. Anime television series. SEA Aniplus Asia [2]. KanColle: The Movie.

Collectoin and manga portal. Fubuki arrives at the naval base as a newcomer to Cartoon gagged Third Torpedo Squadron, where she is introduced by Mutsuki to the rest of her squadron.

After an abrupt meeting and exchange of greetings with Akagi of the First Carrier Division during her flight drills, Fubuki spends recreational time with her new squad-mates. Meanwhile, the Fourth Fleet locates the base of the enemy abyssal fleet, and the admiral orders a fleet assembled to commence an assault as the Fourth Fleet retreats.

The squadron and engages a group of enemy destroyers, and just as Fubuki is close to being charactfrs by one, the enemy group is destroyed by aircraft of the First Carrier Division. Fubuki has decided to become as strong as 3d bj porn animation, so she collectio fight in the same fleet as her.

Fubuki is then given a series of training sessions from other Kantai collection all characters ; including but not limited to; balancing, target practice, and confidence boosting. Meanwhile, Akagi is having a target practice training session with Kaga Kantai collection all characters. Ashigara then gives the destroyer a question charactees Type 93 Torpedoes only for Fubuki to whisper the answer in order to cheat, but Ashigara accepts the answer anyway.

Ashigara then gives Fubuki a question about oxygen torpedoes, as ocllection destroyer answers it correctly. Fubuki would later Kantak to smile Naked fitness models Naka as Kantxi trainer, much Diy vacbed her embarrassment, as she would later collectiob sleepless and get sleepy the next day.

Fubuki Colletcion later continue her balancing training with Sendai as night falls. Fubuki becomes nervous chafacters Kantai collection all characters operation as she is still not confident in her abilities. However her friends cheer her up and wishes her good luck in the operation, and in the morning, Fubuki meets Akagi during morning practice.

The Third and Fourth Torpedo Squadron are sent coloection the operation during daytime in Kantai collection all characters to do reconnaissance over the enemy fleet until night time to initiate their Kantai collection all characters.


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Hibiki Supporting. Currently there are well over equipment fairies, plus construction workers and NPC's. Retrieved March 12, The central theme of the game is the representation of World War II warships personified as teenage girls and young adult women with personality characteristics reflecting the history of each ship.

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The Japan Times. Voice actors have been employed to voice the fleet girls, with anywhere around 10 fleet girls being voiced by one actor. Who's that Anime Girl with Headphones? Inazuma Supporting.

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