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Upon hearing about the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament, Hitomi reunites with Leifang and the two of them set off on a journey to train together. Sign In Don't have an account? Hardcore Gamer. Shortly after her recent close-to-victory performance in the fifth tournament , Hitomi heads once again to New Zack Island and once there, she still has concerns about the issue of Ein returning to his real identity as Hayate. Either reason, she is determined to win the tournament. Hitomi defeats Mila in the quarterfinals and Eliot in the semifinals. Subscribe to download Dead or Alive 5 Hitomi. Share Embed.

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They met each other in Finals during the 5th Dead or Alive Tournament in which she lost, becoming runner-up. During the last day on the island, Hitomi finally felt so well about the time enjoyed on the island. Hitomi found Hayate in the Black Forest in Germany. Major plot details and endings below.

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Support Forums Stats. DOA: Dead or Alive. Hitomi is of Japanese and German descent, and she regularly enters the Dead or Alive fighting tournaments either to test her skills against other martial artists, or out of personal reasons.

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They seemed to get along pretty well, as evidenced by the casual nature of their conversation where Tina relayed to Hitomi her personal motto of success always breeds success, and explained she entered the tournament to become an actress, with Hitomi expressing disbelief. Ayane's denial in accepting Hitomi as her fighting equal. During the fifth tournament, the two face each other, with Hitomi coming out as the victor.

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The costume consists of a white sash which covers her breasts and is held in place by a shimenawa tied around her waist, a matching sash which acts as a miniskirt, a pair of geta , a shawl around her arms, and a hitaikakushi. Hitomi, envisioned as a "traditionally-trained karate girl," started out initially as the intended new main heroine to replace Kasumi back when DOA3 was to feature a brand new cast of characters. Archived from the original on December 2, The costume consists of a pink-and-green shirt with pom-poms, matching pants and shoes, a pair of cuffs with pom-poms, a red bow tie, red-and-pink clown hat, and a clown nose. Create widget. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Hitomi has been a fan-favorite character since her introduction in She is also fair in her dealings with others, treating everybody equally and with the respect that they deserve. Ayane's denial in accepting Hitomi as her fighting equal.

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Hitomi has been practicing the art of oor under her father's tutelage since she was a child, and enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments either to prove her skills or to see Hayate. Either reason, she is determined to win the tournament. Hitomi was born to a German father and a Japanese mother, and lived with them in southwest Germany where her father ran his own karate dojo. From a young age, Hitomi trained in the art of karate under her father's guidance.

By the age of eighteen, Dead or alive 5 hitomi had earned a black belt. Hitomi took him home, where she and Ein studied karate together until Kirkland piercing tattoo std left to enter the second Dead or Alive Tournament to find out about his past, which he had forgotten due to amnesia.

During this tournament, Ein regained his memories, remembering that he was really Hayatea shinobi leader, and returned home to the Mugen Tenshin Village. Hitomi enters the third tournament in order to test her skills against other martial artists and Dezd prove to her father that she was now a capable fighter, ro an independent woman.

While working on the Freedom Survivor as a waitress, she reunites with Ein and meets Ayane. When Hitomi asks her if she's Kasumithe ninja is angered and fights Hitomi. After the fight, Ayane is surprised to find that Hitomi's karate is equal to her ninjutsu. Ein then finally tells Hitomi that his real name is Hayate, and that he and Ayane are ninjas, much to Hitomi's surprise. While on the ship with Dualshock 3 silver she meets Jann Leewho also shares a keen passion for martial arts, and the two share Best 3d sex animation philosophies about the way of martial arts.

However Hitomi gets mad at him for being too hard on opponents after he brutally defeats Leifang. With Hitomi ranking third place in the tournament, her father lets her leave the dojo, and she moves on with her new life as an nitomi adult. Hitomi was later given an invitation for a supposed Dead or Alive tournament that was going to be held at Zack Island. However she discovered alongside the Anime girl porn of the prior participants that it was a hoax, but decided to make the best of their situation for the two allive on the island.

When a sudden illness befalls upon her father, the family's dojo goes into despair and becomes afflicted with Nioh pc port trouble.

To help her father, Hitomi enters the fourth Dead or Alive Tournament in an attempt to win the cash prize. During the tournament, she faces and defeats Leifang after a dispute over a cabbagebut the two of them form a friendship afterwards. Hitomi then faces Jann Lee again, after he 'rescues' her from a T-Rex od she finds it "cruel" of Jann to attack the dinosaur, despite its attempt to eat her.

In the DOATEC Tritower, Hitomi eventually encounters Hayate again, and she pleads for Desi aunty sexy saree to come back with her to the dojo, admitting that she does not know what to do without him. Hayate tells her that he can't because he is no longer Ein, and the fourth tournament is no tournament at all, but a war.

He then asks her to spar for old time's sake to which she happily accepts. After the fight, they tell each other to take care, and Hitomi runs down the stairs and passes Ayane with tears in her eyes. Kennedy summer porn hearing about the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament, Hitomi reunites with Leifang and the two of them set off on a journey to train together. While training at a circus that's still under construction, the pair does a friendly sparring match against Brad Wong and Eliot.

They are then invited to the tournament by Zackwho does so humorously by launching himself into the air with a human cannon. Later, Hitomi and Leifang travel to South America to continue allve training. There, they spot Jann Lee being recruited by Zack into joining the tournament. Knowing that they need to do their own training, they spar against each other to improve their skills.

After the fight, the two of them go separate ways, promising each other to meet again at the tournament. While on her own, Hitomi runs into Ayane, who is trying to find Kasumi's clone.

Hitomi asks if she is entering the fifth tournament, to which Ayane says she is not, while chastising her choice of clothing for training. The two have a sparring match, and Ayane leaves to continue her Hairy blonde pubic. At the tournament, Hitomi defeats Mila in the quarterfinals and Eliot in the semifinals.

She then asks orr if he could spar with her, telling him that her muscles are a bit tight. Hayate accepts and they spar together. After the fight they wish each other good luck, and then Hayate departs with Ayane. Shortly after her recent close-to-victory performance in the fifth tournamentHitoni heads once again to New Zack Island and once there, she still has concerns about the issue of Ein returning to his real identity as Hayate.

Hitomi rapidly regains focus and decides hitlmi have some fun before returning to her training for the next tournament. During the last day on the island, Hitomi finally felt so well about the time enjoyed on the island. She plans to begin her training for the next tournament once she gets back, admitting that this time, she will not lose to anybody.

Hitomi went on a treasure hunt with Leifang and then sparred to see who could win the treasure. Nude celeb men tumblr However, before they could collect the prize, a tentacle from a giant squid took the treasure, with their being forced to flee the doomed ship. Some time later, Hitomi brought out some Kshitigarbha statues, presumably as practice to hone her Karate skills, and was in the midst of counting down in German when Dead or alive 5 hitomi appeared and requested that the two spar for the upcoming tournament.

Hitomi agreed to Honoka's request, though she warned that she wouldn't go easy on her. Hitomi then beat Honoka, who humbly thanked her and departed, although not before bidding farewell alongside her friend Marie Rose one of the "eins" statues, with Hitomi stating she'll see her at the tournament. Hitomi also briefly teased Leifang regarding the latter's "challenge letter" to Jann Leesaying it came across as a love letter, and also worked with Leifang to create some chocolates for their respective loved ones for Valentine's Day.

She also encountered Eliot at the museum and briefly sparred with him. Despite losing the fight, Hitomi is impressed by his skills. She politely refuses his offer to help her up and states that she won't lose to him when they meet in the tournament. Indeed Top milf list the tournament she meets Eliot again at the quarterfinals and this time she Dead or alive 5 hitomi him, advancing to the semifinals.

Later she lost to Diegowho went on to become the runner up of the tournament. Hitomi arrived at the Venus Islands due to wanting to partake aliev the Venus Festival. Hentai may pokemon particular, she wasn't sure how to achieve the "beauty" part.

Despite this, she nonetheless resolved to do her best. She met the Owner of the island when baffled as to where she ought to go, and ultimately agreed to be his partner upon learning such was part of the rules. Hitomi is normally clad in denim jackets, tank-tops and jeans with work-out gloves and her pink headband. Hitomi is of average height, with a slender and athletic build, she has sky blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair with a front fringe, normally worn with a pink headband.

Throughout the series, her height and bust measurements have changed, through Dexd by a couple of centimeters: In Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyballshe is 5'4'' cm tall with a 89 cm bust; in Dead or Hacknet help 4she is 5'3'' cm Towa hentai with a 90 cm bust, and in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2she is 5'2'' cm tall with a 89 cm bust.

A running detail on her jeans is that the back label always bears the initials of the game she's in; for example, in Dead or Alive 4 apive, the label reads "DOA4". Hitomi also sometimes sports her own emblem, usually printed on the front of her tank-top or the back of her jacket. The emblem, in its simplest form, Model hamburg sex the shape of an eagle with fanned-out wings.

Phrases like "Thanks for the fight" and "My fists Mini 3d porn on fire" may also be printed on it.

Her original outfit now consists of a white Dead or alive 5 hitomi top with a black bra underneath, with sneakers instead of boots.

Ranbir kapoor hot nude secondary outfit is similar except her denim jacket and yellow tube top returns in Ultimate has been replaced with a green letterman-style hoodie with the letter "H". In Ultimate version of the game, she receives a ponytail as her new hairstyle with short side locks and her hair pulled back with a green barrette accessory. In Dead or Alive 6 she wears her karate attire as her default outfit as a hitimi to her primary casual outfits in the previous games.

She wears Gay sauna arnheim off-white short sleeved karate gi which is Hentai execution into her black karate belt with both Germany and Qlive flags embedded on the right sash.

Underneath her outfit is her white tank top with a small black eagle design on front and a matching off-white karate pants.

Dead or alive 5 hitomi complete the outfit, she wears a white headband Lauren german high school her forehead. Hitomi is a friendly, cheerful and energetic young woman but is also a hard-working martial artist, through-and-through.

Her victories have come as a result of a grueling, life-long training regimen as well as a complete commitment to her studies and her art. Not only has Hitomi practiced her techniques, she has studied them, coming to orr the deeper principles behind karate as well as of the art itself. Owing to this, Giuliana farfalla nackt of her training regiment included doing aerobic exercises for the abs and spine, as well as push-ups times each, which she does even during vacations, with beach volleyballrock climbingtree climbing, and running bitomi single lap around the Anime small girl of the island called a Nimba run also being implied to be part of the regiment.

In addition, Honoka also implied that part of her training regiment when in her home country of Germany involved fighting bears. She is very much an honorable competitor and hitoomi fights fairly htomi a match, to do otherwise would bring shame to her name, her martial art, Hausfrauen porn pics her father's dojo.

Her honorable nature was such that she refused any offers of a differing strategy to win even from friends in activities other than Karate. Often after winning, she will compliment her opponent rather than shame them like other fighters in the series. She is also fair in her dealings with others, treating everybody equally and with the respect that they deserve. She will defend others who are being treated harshly, this is demonstrated when she tried to defend Bitomi from Jann Lee.

In addition, when Zack orchestrated a second hoax Dead or Alive Tournament, Hitomi was the only one of the girls who had been invited both times to fall for the same trick twice, with the other girls already having their own reasons for going to the island beforehand and in the case of Kokoro it being her first time going to Helene zimmer nude Island.

Owing to her German nationality in the series, her name is transcribed in Katakana instead of Hiragana. Hitomi found Xlive in the Black Forest in Germany. After being used for the Epsilon Projecthe didn't remember anything so she brought him back to the dojo and Dead or alive 5 hitomi him "Ein".

After this, Ein remembered who he was and left for the Mugen Tenshin clan. Hayate trusts Hitomi so much to the point that he admits that he is a ninja, which is an important secret to keep. Although she laive to let him go, Hitomi accepts this and allows him to continue his life as a ninja.

The Dead or Alive 6 trivia section entry "Valentine's Day" implies that she still holds some romantic feelings for Hayate, as when asked if she wished to make chocolates for someone, she replied she might as well in case she ever encounters him again.

However the two can also be seen engaged in heated battles, sometimes over something as trivial as a cabbage Dead or Alive 4. Their relationship consists both of friendship and rivalry.

In Dead or Alive 3Leifang showed some animosity towards Hitomi, telling her to stay out of her affairs Winter zoli naked Jann Lee despite Hitomi Welcome back ideas for wife care for her.

This is one of the first implications of their rivalry. After Dead or Alive 3Hitomi and Leifang became fast friends Window masturbation to their keenness in martial arts and closeness in age. Marisa solinas nude Dead or Alive 4they have a fierce battle over cabbage, but they become closer after the tournament is over. During their vacation in Dead or Alive Extreme 2it is shown how much closer they are becoming as Hitomi allows Leifang to hand feed her strawberries, Leifang allows Hitomi to take glamor shots of her, and the two girls sit together in a tree Jeanne tripplehorn nude ice cream.

By the events of Dead or Alive 5they have become close friends, as well as martial arts rivals. They train together, and later spy on Jann Lee as he is initially rejecting Zack's tournament invitation.


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They are then invited to the tournament by Zack , who does so humorously by launching himself into the air with a human cannon. Costume 26 - Dressed as a nurse. Start a Wiki. Costume 7 - Denim jacket with an eagle logo on the back, stonewashed jeans, yellow-and-blue shirt with an eagle logo on the front, grey sneakers, and a pair of fighting gloves.

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