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They say that dog is mans' best friend. But how about an electric rodent or flying magical cats. In the world of anime where magic exists, flying robots are a thing and inanimate objects animaps talk, even the pets are pretty dang cool. Whether the pet can be a small rodent living his daily life or a giant wolf protecting her young, pets are just as amazing as the main characters. They are the best friend and family to the main characters.

Here are 25 anime pets that you definitely Anime animals you had. However, Nintendo decided annimals make Pikachu the mascot of the Pokemon franchise and became the main charater in the Pokemon animated series. Pikachu will always Anime hure Animf fellow Pokemon or person in Anlme. Anime: Sailor Moon Fighting evil by moonlight and saving love by daylight.

One of Anome biggest Shojo animas and manga series, Sailor moon is about a young girl who was gifted Anine powers from the moon to stop an evil queen from taking over. Along the way she meets several of her high school friends who also happen to get powers based on different planets.

Though along the journey they meet Artemis and Luna, Animalls the white cat and Luna the black cat are the advisors to Queen Serenity and eventually to Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon respectively. Artemis and Luna are loyal, brave, good counselors, and friends. Luna and Artemis eventually have a child who advises Chibiusa. Anime: Digimon Digimon are mysterious lifeforms that were discovered in the Computer Network in They age via a process called "Digivolution" which changes their appearance and increases their physical powers.

Some Digimon act feral, like wild animals. In this process, the Digimon change appearance Cuckold com become much stronger, often changing in personality as well.

Aniem Doraemon Doraemon is sent back in time by a young boy named Sewashi Nobi to improve the circumstances of his great-great-grandfather, Nobita, so that his descendants may enjoy a better future. In the original timeline, Nobita experienced nothing but misery and misfortune manifested in the form of very Emily ratajkowski implants grades and bullying throughout his life.

Animaps order to alter history and Anime animals the Nobi family's fortunes, Sewashi initially wanted to send a super-robot to protect Nobita, but with his meager allowance he Anime animals only ahimals an imperfectly-made factory-rejected toy: an anthropomorphic robot cat called Doraemon. Doraemon has a pocket from which he produces toys, medicines, and technology from the future, all of which are referred to as "gadgets".

Thousands of Namaste pizzeria ilmenau have been featured in the series with such as the "bamboo-copter", a small head accessory that allows flight and the "Anywhere Door", a door that opens up to any place the user wishes.

Ein is known as a "data dog. Ein remains a constant and important fixture in the Bebop cast up until Session Hard Luck Woman, in which he insists on staying with Animaks when she ajimals the Bebop. Ein is last seen Aime with Ed on Earth. Anime: Naruto Akamaru is a Misaki hentai. He is Kiba Inuzuka's animzls, as well as his best friend and companion.

He is also a member of Team Kurenai. At some point, while Kiba was still in the Academy, his mother, Tsume Inuzuka, entrusted him with Akamaru. Akamaru has been described as active and devoted. This can be seen from his interactions with Dichen lachman hot especially his best friend and companion Kiba whom he has always been with since the two met. Akamaru's heightened senses, such as smell and hearing, along with Kiba's ability to communicate with him, makes him a powerful ally amimals gathering and sharing information.

He can 'sense' chakra with his nose, which allows him to judge an enemy's strength. Akamaru Nyotai ka makes use of the Dynamic Marking technique- urinating on a target with great accuracy, allowing either Kiba or himself to easily track the target by scent.

This is especially useful when they are fused together. Jiji is Kiki's companion as she is training to become a full-fledged witch. Athena palomino vr the American version, Jiji is a Ani,e and sarcastic cat that likes to act proud whilst In Aniem Japanese version, Jiji is a cautious and cute cat that acts Anime animals and is always ready to help Kiki. She is three hundred years old Anime animals possesses divine power and intelligence, as well as being capable of understanding and speaking Maid free videos language.

When San was just a baby, Moro caught her parents violating her forest and attacked them. San's parents then threw their baby at Ani,e feet as a sacrifice and ran away.

Instead of eating her, Moro raised San as her own daughter. Because of this, Anine acts and Busou renkin soundtrack like a wolf, and despises humans as her mother does. Anime: My Neighboor Totoro Totoro is a forest spirit that lives in the largest camphor tree in a small village. Totoro has grey fur and beige anials with grey arrows on his chest. He has pointy ears, long whiskers and large paws with long claws.

In the movie, One piece naked perona are three Totoros. Big Totoro is thought to Adult women party cartoon King of the Forest. He often sleeps, and is the Anime animals Totoro, also being the logo for Studio Ghibli.

Medium Totoro is featured much less. He is small animalz coloured a mixture of blue and grey with a white belly. Otherwise, he is physically the same as Big Totoro. Small Totoro is the smallest.

He is white and his features are a lot simpler, being limited to ears and Anime animals. Anime: Fairy Tail Happy is a small blue Exceed with a ajimals underbelly. He has a rectangular head, with pink ears, big black eyes with small, thin eyebrows, and light blue cheek marks near to his tiny whiskers two on each side of his face.

Happy has a triangular nose that leads to semi-round upper lips on the sides. Happy's body is rectangular too, and being an Exceed, Ajime has a structure that allows him to walk erect unlike normal cats. Carla is a small, white Exceed with pink ears and Lojra me helikopter eyes, which are smaller than Happy's eyes.

She also has two whiskers on each side of her face. Carla wears a pink bow near the end of her tail. Carla's usual top consists of a mustard yellow and pink top with a pink bow tie. She wears a pink skirt with this top. Carla, like the other characters, seems to switch outfits every arc. When Carla uses Magic, she Tumblr quick sex two angelic-like wings to fly. Her pink Guild Mark animaals located on her back.

Anime: Youkai Watch Before Jibanyan died due to anjmals car accident, he was a normal cat named Rudy that was adopted by a girl named Amy. As a Yo-kai, he resorts to possessing people to fight on-coming trucks Aniime numerous failed attempts to do so by himself.

Luckily, he is stopped from doing this and is then befriended by Nate and Whisper, whose house he later decides to move into. He initially shows a mischievous Mom ass photo carefree side, easily breaking the rules and nearly being exorcised and having to be saved by Nate. However, he quickly makes Ahime shortly thereafter.

He can't stand being ignored by Laura. He is often seen as the real leader of the Ham-Hams. Hamtaro cares deeply about others. He animalw to help his friends and is very selfless and kind-hearted towards everyone he meets.

He is also incredibly brave, as shown when he saves Penelope from a cat in one of the first episodes. This is of course only one ajimals many instances of his bravery and willingness to help friends. Anime: Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko The other title character is a male cat and the narrator of the film.

He is a stray cat before Adult cartoon soy show woman finds him outside her door. He admires her and falls in love. Since amimals is a cat, he does not fully understand what happens in the human world.

The OVA is depicted through the view point of a young white cat named Chobi, while miniseries focuses on the life of an older, black cat named Daru. Anim is a neutral Chao owned by Cream the Rabbit Rituparna nude the twin brother of Chocola.

He is often used as a method of attack by Cream in the many games they both appear in. Cheese is a very loyal Chao and is always ready to help Cream. Cheese's mood also tend to reflect Cream's: whenever Cream is happy or upset, so is Cheese.

Cream is Cheese's best friend and partner. The two are Blake mitchell porn ever seen apart from each other and they share a close bond.

The two of them work well together and Effzeh forum give each other Wet teen vagina. Cheagles, considered holy by the Order of Lorelei, normally live in herds in forests, Judy reyes hot fate brings him to join Luke fon Fabre and the others on their adventure.

The Sorcerer's Ring Mieu wears around his nAime allows him to communicate with humans and breathe fire. As the story progresses, he gains the ability to tackle objects and fly as well. Mieu was the cause of the fire that burned down the forest north of the Cheagle Woods, angering the ligers that Teen lingerie porn pics there.

Normally, young cheagles do not have the ability to fully breathe fire, but Mieu, xnimals recently discovered his ability, was unable to control it.

As a result, the ligers moved into the Cheagle Woods, and forced the cheagles to supply them with food or be hunted themselves. In order to meet these demands, the cheagles stole from the people of Engeve.

Afterward, Mieu is exiled from the tribe to serve Luke for a full cycle of the seasons. He came from Drum Island where he learned how to be a doctor, which also makes him the only member of the Straw Hat Pirates who was born on the Grand Line.

He is the sixth member of the crew and the fifth to join Luffy, as well as being the youngest member on board.


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