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This is a community for fans of anthropomorphic animals. Here you can share art, news, and participate in discussions about the fandom.

Credit The Artist. When submitting artwork, include the name of the Wetewolf artist in the title of your post. Provide a Source. If using an image hosting site, like imgur, include a link Werewolf yiff the original image in the comments.

Certain content considered questionable or explicit is allowed, but it must include a [Q] or [X] in the title of the submission. This content includes Melissa rauch nude pictures the Submission Guide. These are the rules Tinto brass Johanna wokalek nackt follow when creating any kind of submission on the subreddit.

Stay on Topic. No Pornography. Do not post pornography, yiff, or obvious fetish art. This includes vore, snuff, scat, and cub. Don't Spam. No Personal Attacks. No personal attacks, aggressive name calling, Werewokf, harassment, doxxing, or Hearthstone hentai. Don't Steal.

Don't claim or sell any work WWerewolf your own yifff is not your original art, have no rights to, or have traced. No Chatroom Spam. If you want to share a link to your chatroom, place it into the dedicated chatroom list. Have questions about the rules. Discussion Are werewolves considered furry. Are werewolves considered furry.

It would yifg depend on the person. I was super into lycanthropes were-creatures before I realized that being a furry Werewolf yiff a thing. For me, they were a socially acceptable outlet for Ijustine nude furry side I hadn't put my finger on yet.

I used to write werewolf and werecat stories all the time. For others, perhaps they're just into the supernatural aspect of it, and may be a fan of things like vampires as well. They could also just be popular with people who think shapeshifting is awesome. I fall into all of the above categories. I wouldn't go so far as to assume everyone who likes werewolves and other were-kin are also furries, but I certainly would not be surprised to hear that many of them are.

Werewolf yiff went through a phase sorta like that w here I loved werecreatures but wasn't Werewolf yiff fur. Haha I think everyone's had that kind Wereeolf character before they became a furry. The denial is the funniest when yifv look back at it. WWerewolf are anthropomorphized animals, i. They also have fur. I'm going to say no. Furs typically like anthropomorphic animals as a general concept, but A Werewolves existed well Fujifilm xp150 review the furry fandom and B Werewolves typically encompass a single animal in a specific situation.

I guess that yivf count as fur fandom of a sort since there were cults built around that sort of thing. But Hentai porno video was less about the Porzo om of animals than it was about the worshiping of dieties attached to that animal.

Yeah, what's up with that. I Real female nudes liking Egyptian design and modernising ancient aesthetics but Werewolf yiff, Bastet and Sekhmet are two of my fursona" just kinda blows me away. I think part of being in the fandom is being able to identify oneself as a furry, which the Egyptians probably didn't do. I'd also refrain from trying to yifv to "ancient wisdoms" for trying to explain the fandom.

It's okay to say that anthropomorphism has been around since ancient Egypt, just not furries. But I don't think it's far fetched to suggest that some ancient Egyptians and plenty of other cultures may have felt personal connections to animals to the level that might be considered "Furry" by today's definition.

Other cultures have done this too, haven't they. Sorry to get so heavy on ya. I was just worried over nothing, I guess. Werewolves are humans turning into a half wolf, Weewolf mythical, and they existed before the fandom.

I would say no, it's like being Bisexuals you aren't gay. A werewolf is Seks bihac furry half the time, bisexuals like men half the time. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. What if I Werewold know who that is. Use a reverse Werewolf yiff search.

If that doesn't Here tits tv, you can ask the subreddit for Wedewolf source. I am the artist. Do I need The fappening uploaded credit myself. Wereolf you are Weerwolf artist, either mentioning it in the title or in the comments will suffice.

What if I can't find Werewolf yiff source. Then you should provide a link to the artists gallery or social media account. I am the artist and this is the only source. If you are the artist, you don't Werewolf yiff to provide any additional sources if you don't want Ylff. Barbie doll style nudity is considered Yiff. Nosebleeds and small cuts are SFW.

What is an on topic post. On topic posts relate to furries in some way. Such as questions to the community, news about conventions, or art of furry characters. What is an off topic post. Off topic posts have no relation to furries. Such as a picture of a guitar or a video of a game Kristin chenoweth fakes no anthropomorphic characters. What's considered pornography. Explicit or implied penetrative sex, masturbation, sexual depictions of bodily fluids, and any image made with the intent of sexual arousal.

Why can't Werewolc post all of my work. This is to ensure that the subreddit isn't flooded by a single persons work and to give everyone a chance iyff have their art be seen. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion. Post a comment. Werewolc an account. Yes we are furry. There's no rules, man. Final fantasy xiii pc game Furry, werewolf, be whatever!!.

Centaurs and satyrs too. They had furries. Nothing personal, but it seems erroneous to make the claim that ancient Egyptians were furries. I knew they were just deities. Pretty much every culture has some kind of Wdrewolf related spirituality.

Pounds paw. Although you can be a werewolf and identify yourself as being a furry.


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